As a consultant in the hospitality industry who has been a GM for many different venues, I understand the needs in this business and how much room there is for improvement. I am proud to have provide strategic insight on this and help continue its evolution and potential, but I was shocked at how the Stay Logix team was able to deliver. Far beyond my expectations… They have nailed it.

- Tony M

Stay Logix Is Providing my management team a live view of what issues need to be addressed and allows us to optimize our work flow at a level I could have never imaged.

- George K

Not only are my customers happier with their experience as a guest, I am finding it much easier to get their positive feedback shared with the Stay Logix platform.  Now my guests are happier and my potential new guests are hearing about it.

- Raphael

This is something that I’ve been waiting for and did not know existed.  Definitely a game changer in the industry.

- Mariangela S.